Tuesday 10 February 2015

'I've moved on' says Powell

Chris Powell has said in an interview that he has 'moved on' after his dismissal from Charlton last year. However, as a former player, he will always love the club and is looking forward to his visit with Huddersfield: Chris Powell


tB said...

can you help?

For nearly sixty years I have had a mistress called Charltonia. We have had good times and bad but we have still managed to get together at least once a fortnight at our love nest " Valle de Amor" although we did carry on our liaison elsewhere for some years. In our best years we had a very glitzy time going to all the best clubs and entertaining stars at home. All that has gone now but that hasn't got in the way or our love.

However she has recently gone down with Duchatelet's syndrome. She is confused and apathetic and doesn't even know what country she is in. She seems to have lost all energy and can be found foraging in dustbins looking for scraps to sustain her.

Thing is despite the years of love I can't raise enthusiasm anymore let alone anything else. I have known many men who find their excitement in the clubs of Manchester but I couldn't

Chris Powell may have moved on. I hope I might overcome my languor.

Anonymous said...

I believe that continued and regular use of Vialleyagra normally helps in such cases.

Brian G said...

CP is a lovely man but I hope that we don't make too much of a fuss of him on his return. Remember when Kinsella came back with Villa in our Premiership days and he got a standing ovation and a presentation on the pitch, etc? We were awful in the 1st half and it was only a couple of late surges by Scottie that saved the game for us that day, with JJ applying the finishing touches. We need points more than sentiment or protest, so let's have a big round of applause and then on with the game. No 'Chrissie Powell's red and white army!'.

Anonymous said...

The singing Chris Powells Red and White Army is an absolute certainty and I think it will forceful and very telling.

I accept that it would not be great for our players but it would be targeted at RD.

If Powell had limitations as a manager (does not everyone), he did represent the spirit and resurgence of the club which made you glow with pride to be a CAFC fan. I will always be a CAFC fan but I am almost pushing them to arms length because it is so painful to watch the unravelling of my club.

Anonymous said...

A Doctor writes...
"Well tB...I regret to advise that the Duchatelet's syndrome can only be remedied by drastic surgery requiring a deep incision to remove the offending matter. There are many occasions when the patient appears to be cured only for the illness to return in the form of Uberrich Egoitis. As Anon suggested a dose of Vialleyagra may result in some improvement but the patient may suffer from shortness of breath and a red face in the short term....My fee is...."