Saturday, 7 February 2015

Down the Football League we go

It was a changed team for Charlton as they faced Boro at the Riverside this afternoon. Church and Watt started up front with Vetokele on the bench. Harriott and Wiggins didn’t travel after being injured in training. Bikey was also relegated to the bench.

Watt advanced well, Buyens put in a cross but Gudmundsson was two yards away. Ben Haim defended well to rescue the situation after a poor ball to Solly. Solly had to clear for a corner after a dangerous ball came in. A free header from Bamford went into the bottom left-hand corner to make it 1-0 to Boro on six minutes. Once again the marking at set pieces was poor.

Solly conceded a corner. This time the free header went over the bar. Good work by Watt led to a Charlton corner on 10 minutes which was unproductive.

A shot from Leadbetter took a deflection for a corner. Charlton tried to counter attack but without success. Direct running from Watt in which he nutmegged two Boro players led to a Charlton corner.

Dmitrovic had to save well from the lively Bamford. Gudmundsson hit the post, but the referee had blown for a foul on Church. Gudmundsson’s effort went two yards over the bar.

Veljkovic went down in pain after a stamp on his shoulder. It may have been dislocated. No card was awarded. Jackson came on.

After a good move down the line, Gudmundsson smashed a powerful strike from outside the area into the top left-hand corner to make it 1-1 on 37 minutes giving a boost to the 240 Addicks who had made the journey.

Boro won a couple of late corners. Dmitrovic punched the ball away.

HT: Boro 1, Addicks

Boro 2-1 went ahead with a tap in just after the break after an initial attempt had ricocheted.

Charlton responded by winning a corner, but it was unproductive. Cousins did have time to put in a shot, but was unable to do so.

Boro put in a spell of pressure and won a corner. Charlton then applied some pressure, but to no effect. Jackson put in a half decent effort.

Church went off and Vetokele came on. Dmitrovic made a good save, although there was a hint of offside. Fox defended well.

Boro made a double substitution. An attempt by Solly went over the bar. A shot by Gudmundsson went wide when there were other players in a better position.

Cousins was clipped and Forshaw got a yellow card. Buyens was taken off and replaced by Lepoint. After a corner, Tomlin made it 3-1 for Boro.

Charlton are now 19th, but six points ahead of Millwall who lost 1-3 at home to Huddersfield.


Brian G said...

We were better and did better than expected.We'll beat Norwich on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Don't know where our next points are going to come from let alone a win! The new manager hasn't a clue, he starts with Church and Obi who haven't even been on the bench, won't play Gomez who is probably our most talented player and brings in two players Lepoint and Rogers both who are way off match fitness as neither have been playing for their respective teams, with Rogers not even starting a game for Wolves for two years!
Guy Luzon will soon be on his way after our next defeat against Norwich and Rolly will appoint the latest manager to be kicked out at Standard Liege, where our favourite Riga has just taken over!

a2c said...

Thass juss wot I think Brian G, Guy was doin so well n all but I reckon e'll get is win soon.

jonathan acworth said...

sign akinfenwa

jonathan acworth said...

Luzon 2 more games

rommagic said...

We want our Charlton back.

Anonymous said...

for good or bad, he'll be here till the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Acworth "Give Luzon a chance, he looks good, about 10 games" remember, I think you said that under a fortnight ago!

Anonymous said...

It's the lack of quality and commitment on the field and the the board room, not Luzon or Peters. We're sinking and who was the last quality loan player we had?
They don't exist.

Anonymous said...

Can't understand why J. Gomez can't get a game or part of, he's done well when used.

Anonymous said...

Never understood selling Kermy.

jonathan acworth said...

for new pitch why we sold him I guess

a2c said...

E always was an ippocrite poster when it comes to wot e said n didn't say. Yeah Guy deserves a chance it aint is fault e lost today n I get fed up with all them negative posters abahrt the gaffer on ere n elsewhere. Less face it we need a few good strikers dahn our gaff n thass wot the Board muss do, get them in when the loan windah opens.

rommagic said...

Any decent striker we can get on loan?.