Friday 20 February 2015

Charlton win 3-0 after Red-Robin scores on debut

Either Guy Luzon is riding his luck or he is a better coach than we thought. Derby will be a tough test.

Charlton got their second 3-0 in a week at Wigan to go 12th in the table. Although we will go down a bit after this afternoon's game, we have played six of the top eight twice. It was Charlton's first double of the season. As one fan tweeted, 3-0 is the new 1-1.

Vetokele had an early attempt from 20 yards out but it went over the bar. Charlton were marking well in the early exchanges. Johnson challenged Fortuné at the expense of a corner. Leon Clarke got his head to it and Henderson had to tip it over. Ben Haim hooked the second corner clear.

Charlton blocked a series of Wigan efforts, although they were living dangerously with Fortuné given too much space. The Lactics continued to apply pressure as the sparse home crowd became animated.

Morgan Fox was evaded too easily and Buyens had to take one for the team, his tenth yellow card of the season. Charlton counter attacked from the free kick.

Morgan Fox was beaten again by Ojo. Bulot scored with his left foot, a good finish in the 16th minute after Tony Watt beat his man.

Kvist went off due to an injury and McCann came on. Charlton won their first corner following a Buyens free kick. Wigan counter attacked but Charlton dealt with it. There was a minute’s applause for a Wigan player diagnosed with leukaemia, the Addickted joining in.

Leon Clarke went down and a stretcher was called for. There was a break of several minutes as the necessary precautions were taken. He had to be given oxygen. He was later taken to hospital: Leon Clarke .

The referee spoke to Solly for being too vigorous. The Wigan fans were starting to get on their team’s back after they made a simple mistake. There was great work by Johnson as Wigan tried to mount an attack.

There was a cynical foul on Solly by McClean who received a yellow card. Ten minutes were added on. Vetokele scored in the 47th minutes to make it 2-0 to the Addicks after Bulot had won the ball and put in a glorious cross.

Ojo went past Fox and won a corner. Henderson collected the high ball. McClean had a little bit too much space, but put his header over.

HT Lactics 0, Addicks 2

Urged on by the home fans, the referee gave Vetokele a yellow card for a foul. Watt applauded the four hundred or so Addicks behind the goal as they chanted his name. The keeper just got a hand on the ball after Vetokele made a great run.

Tony Watt got away after a flick by Vetokele and should have scored, but he put the ball just wide. Big lump Fortuné was taken off and replaced by Waghorn.

Charlton conceded a corner. Roger Johnson put the ball clear and then had to make two more clearances for which he was well positioned.

Another corner was conceded. Johnson won the header. Henderson had to make a save from a ball which he saw late. Wigan won a free kick off Vetokele in a dangerous position. Henderson caught the ball.

Wigan won a corner off Solly halfway through the half. Tony Watt came off and Chris Red-Robin (formerly Eagles) made his debut for Charlton. Charlton won a corner which was unproductive. Gudmundsson fired in a shot which was just over the bar.

It was raining heavily. Some Wigan fans started to leave, the empty stands becoming even emptier, and others were booing. Cousins got in the way of a dangerous shot. Wilson was waiting to come on. Luzon and Mackay were having a disagreement. Cousins, who had taken a knock, came off. Gundmundsson fed Red-Robin who scored his first goal for the Addicks. Vetokele came off and was replaced by Harriott.

553 Addicks made the journey and were able to celebrate on Wigan Pier afterwards.

There is quite a long report on the game in The Times this morning. As is inevitably the case when Charlton win, it mainly about what is wrong with Wigan. Apparently, we were lucky and boosted by having players from SL.


Anonymous said...

And suddenly the Charlton world looked good again.

wickford said...

Wigan 2-1
Derby 3-2
August 16/19

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember you moaning (yes you) on this blog about people posting as Anonymous. So I've been meaning to ask you if a2c is your real name. It sounds a bit robotic like, "dahn our gaff". Also if it is your name, do you have trouble spelling it occasionally?

Unknown said...

lovely Charlton are seem to be hitting the right form now so hopefully another few wins and sneak into the play offs on buyerns please terminate this players loan he doesn't want to be here so send him back we want players willing to fight for the badge he goes missing time and time again

Wyn Grant said...

Buyens will be out for two games, I think.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Acworth on Buyens, he is off form but he still plays an important role and will be missed for the two games he is suspended. Everyone was calling for Bulot to be sent back but I haven't heard that this week?

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are sticking to the football, that's what it's all about. I guess some players are just more inconstant than others. Bulot is now doing what we've seen Harriott do in the past, but infrequently, long may it last.
Always a good discussion on here.
Troll Hunter.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stats, v little possession, but clinical, as before.
Dodgy defending, hope left back comes good soon, but still two clean sheets!
Hendo's making a difference again.
Next up Derby and DB, a good and different test.

Unknown said...

Buyerns is way off form he doesn't want to be here so play eagles in his place and promoate one of the kids and terminate his contract simple

Brian G said...

Due to injury, I couldn't make it to Wigan but my most reliable eyewitness tells me that Buyens gave the worst performance he'd ever seen from a Championship player. Let's concentrate on the positives,though. Igor is scoring again, Watt looks the business, Bulot is like a new signing and Johnson has brought strength to the centre of defence again. Six goals and two clean sheets. We didn't even achieve at the beginning of the season. COYR!

Anonymous said...

Too right the attack is strong and J Cousins really is one of consistent performers.

Unknown said...

im quite confident we can make the play offs now

Geoff said...

I've been a frequent critic of Buyens for his proneness to yellow, but he really did take last night's for the team as the match report indicates. That was an odds-on goal for Ojo or whoever was keeping up with him in the middle. Get carded that early and you have to be careful for the rest of the game or add another game to the suspension.

The great thing of the last two games is that when we look likely to be overrun, as in the first ten last night, the whole defence circles the wagons. TBH, RJ, MF and Cousins as well all blocked goal-bound shots. Whether it will work against a far better coached team such as Derby we shall learn on Tuesday.

a2c said...

Thass wot I think Brian G Bulot is really comin on n stickin 2 fingers up at the boo boy types on ere n thass wot I reckon Buyens will do when e next plays. Thass Guy's coachin dahn our gaff Geoff, e's teachin the players ow to defend in numbers n work when there off the ball n all. Two good wins at ome n away now thanks to the ard work of the new gaffer, board n team effort of the players.