Monday, 17 May 2010

Are house prices in Charlton under threat?

The Mail on Sunday yesterday was focusing on Lord Triesman and his alleged close friendship with a flame haired temptress, but they also found the time to dump the dirt on Charlton in a story that I believe to be highly speculative: Mail . (Apologies for posting the wrong link earlier, but the story does seem to be hidden away. What I originally linked to was a 2009 story which suggests some re-heating and an agenda).

The only surprise was that there was no discussion in the story of possible effects on house prices in Charlton. My view is that the Mail has something of anti-football agenda which chimes well with a section of its 'Middle England' readership. As the old joke about newspapers used to run, the Mail is read by the wives of people who run the country.

That is not to say that the club has no financial challenges. Winning tonight's tie against Swindon is important not just in footballing terms. A Wembley final would give an important boost to our finances even if we lost to the Spanners (which would be more likely than not).

Incidentally in the exile years I met someone who said they had bought a house near The Valley in the expectation that the club would not return and the value of their house would rise accordingly! They were to be disappointed!

More on tonight's game later.


Anonymous said...

Ummmm... that link is to an article dated 11th July 2009???

Wyn Grant said...

The link may be wrong, but something definitely appeared yesterday in the context of the play offs. I will try and find the right link when I have time, but it may be that they are re-heating an old story.