Friday, 14 May 2010

Charlton still in the fight

Sodje recovered from injury to replace Llera in Charlton's line up tonight, reports Erith Addick Paul May from the County Ground. The Robins were without striker Billy Paynter.

Charlton won a corner after five minutes, but a long-distance effort from Borrowdale went well over. Randolph saved from Austin. After Swindon were awarded a free kick, Randolph had to save from Austin. Charlton won a corner as the quarter hour mark approached, but Borrowdale's effort was saved by Lucas. Swindon were dominating the early exchanges, but at least the Addicks held out.

The game was very rushed with Swindon pressurising the Charlton defence. Swindon were blocking any attempts by Richardson to come forward. Sam was not contributing a lot.

Swindon broke from midfield, but they were off target. Ward broke through and had a great chance, but he put the ball wide. It was a mistake by Sodje that let him in. He had sat down in the middle of the pitch earlier and seemed not to be fully fit.

Richardson advanced and put in a decent cross, but no one was available to connect and Lucas was able to collect. Sodje looked more effective in dealing with an attack and won a free kick.

An effort by Borrowdale was palmed away and Charlton won a corner. Richardson's effort did not lead to anything. Swindon counter attacked. Mooney looked lively for once. Charlton were looking a bit better as half time approached, but Dailly hoofed the ball away when he could have played it out.

Borrowdale conceded a corner in the last couple of minutes as Swindon advanced again.
Dailly put it out of play for a Swindon throw. Mooney and Burton linked up well, but it did not lead to anything.

Half time: Robins 0, Addicks 0

Sam tackled well and found Burton. A curling effort from Bailey came off the post with Lucas stranded and was headed behind for a corner.

Swindon took the lead with a downward header from Austin into the bottom right hand corner, following good build up play. Randolph had no chance.

Charlton were awarded a free kick about 25 yards out to right of centre. The ball from Borrowdale went straight into the Addickted. Mooney won another free kick and the ball from Richardson led to a Charlton corner. Another Addicks corner followed.

Charlton won another corner as they kept up the pressure. Lucas palmed the ball out for another corner. Mooney should have scored and the ball was scrambled away.

The Addicks kept up the pressure and won their eighth corner which Sam wanted to take, but Borrowdale took it up. It was clattered clear, Swindon counter attacked and Ward made it 2-0 for the home side, Charlton having left themselves exposed at the back.

Swindon won their first corner of the second half. Randolph made a decent save from Austin after some good defending by Dailly. Randolph put a long ball forward, Burton connected well and put it over the head of the Swindon goalkeeper to make it 2-1 with his 14th goal of the season.

Richardson put in a corner, Lucas flapped and it went behind. Sodje was down again. Bailey put in a good cross, but Swindon came forward again. Sam was fouled.
Bailey put in a good cross, but Burton could not make contact. An effort by Ward went wide.

Swindon were at panic stations at the back with a loss of confidence between Lucas and his defence. Charlton kept up the pressure and won their 10th corner. Forster came on to replace Mooney. Lucas gathered the corner.

The Addicks won their 11th corner with about quarter of an hour to go. Swindon cleared the ball, but Semedo won it back. The 12th Charlton corner followed, but Lucas seemed to have got his composure back and gathered the ball.

Borrowdale blocked well as Swindon attacked. Austin put in a header and some of the rocking Robins thought a penalty had been awarded against Randolph, but the referee from the Isle of Wight gave a goal kick. Wagstaffe came on to replace Sam who had not contributed that much.

Sodje blocked well as Swindon attacked and looked like they might make it 3-1. Ward put in a shot and hit the angle of crossbar and post. Akpo Sodje came on for Deon Burton who had been hit by cramp. A shot from Forster went well over the crossbar.

Bailey was fouled by the Glaswegian charm merchant who got a yellow card. Five minutes of time were added on. Ward headed wide. Swindon came forward again and Borrowdale had to concede the corner, but it led to a Charlton goal kick. Swindon hit the woodwork with 30 seconds to go.

Charlton performed much better in the second half, but Swindon created more chances in the match as a whole. Charlton are still in the tie.

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Anonymous said...

Just watched match on Sky and think Swindon played the better. We were relying on route1 approach, which admittedly gave us a goal from Burton's nerve, does not make attractive football.

Swindon have great attacking options for Monday while we, although good in defence, still lack up front. Agree with NYAddick that going up may not be in best interest for club.