Saturday, 22 May 2010

Reading after two Charlton players?

Reports have been received from somewhat unreliable sources that Reading have offered £800,000 + David Mooney for Bailey and Semedo. I don't treat these reports too seriously, but what would think of such an offer?

Bailey: I would be prepared to sell him, but I would hope for more than £800,000, but perhaps that is unrealistic in today's market.
Semedo: In my view one of our key players, any offer would have to reflect his worth.
Mooney: Not as bad as some fans make out, but he is a bit of a 'headless chicken' player, racing round the pitch after the ball to no great effect much of the time. Commitment is fine, but is there enough skill?


Anonymous said...

I think Mooney's principal problem is that he lacks pace , as was shown when he broke through against Oldham away , he must have had 5 or 6 yds on the defender and still got caught and then went down claiming cramp.
Having said all that , I actually think he's a pretty good player. He is intelligent , holds the ball up well and is more prolific than Burton. I am sure I will be unpopular with this , but I actually think he could score 15 to 20 goals next season if we buy him and he stays fit.
Bailey can go (and Racon , who flatters to deceive) , but I agree we should try and keep Semedo if at all possible

steveb said...

Agree with much of the above. Although I seemed to be in a minority, I actually enjoyed watching Mooney play. His movement & use of the ball was as good as anyone in the team. I think he was treated harshly by our fans from the start (made worse by his foolish, if understandable, goal celebration). I think he is certainly a very good league 1 player & may set his sites higher.

As for loosing Baily and/or Semedo. I too think it's time for Baily to move on, but I would like to hang onto Semedo. Will will need to bring in some creative midfield players though !

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

the offer is way too low
Semedo is worth all of £800k and Bailey is 3 times the player Mooney is likely to be.
Agreed we can't really afford to let Semedo go without a very substantial deal and it is probably time to cash in on NB.
Mooney's not terrible and with a run of regular games worth a place in division 3.
We're gonna have to get used to players of Mooney's (lack of) quality at this level.