Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Coming out

It's not easy when you're young to come out. I have taught a student all year and I never knew his preferences. Now he has revealed his pain: he is a season ticket holder in the Lower North. The exam is on Friday, but all scripts have anonymous numbers on them.

A good friend whom I see rarely these days (we both have very busy lives) is a Huddersfield supporter. We would have both liked a Charlton v. Huddersfield final because of that famous 7-6 match, the absence of Spanners and the Scumdon, and the chance to meet up. He E-mailed the other day: 'For our part, we are not ready and got classically bullied by Millwall at the Den as so many other teams have been over the years. So on to next season, where we shall both have to watch out also for Southampton.'

What claimed to be China's largest manufacturer of turnstiles contacted me yesterday and said that, although I was not a customer yet, they hoped I would be soon. Do they know something I don't?

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