Thursday, 13 May 2010

Swindon are the new Blackpool

Swindon are portraying themselves as the new Blackpool in advance of their semi-final play off games against 'mighty' Charlton. It's always a useful psychological ploy to portray yourself as the underdog: Swindon

I've got nothing against the Rocking Robins, other than getting soaked through once on their open end, but we had great fun 'singing in the rain'. Indeed, when we beat them in the year went up, Swindon fans wished us all the best after the game.

But it is of key importance to Charlton's future to win out over these two games. I think we can, but I don't think it will be easy.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't over keen on the comment from Willie Carson "thanks for the three points" when they ended our unbeaten run at the Valley a few years ago! and after we had helped their youth team out financially!

WattO said...

Yes, Swindon spoilt our attempt at a league record. Typical Charlton that - just had to beat the team rock bottom of the table at the end of the season to set a new record. It's payback time!!!!!

Come On You Reds!