Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ticketing arrangements for the play-offs

I have picked up some disquiet about this on Facebook and elsewhere. To put this into context, most fans find the Commercial Office helpful. Like other parts of the club, including IT, their resources have been cut back. Indeed, in any club (note Portsmouth recently) relatively lowly and loyal paid non-playing staff are often the first to take the hit.

I tried to book our season ticket seats online next week. Perhaps I should read the tutorial more carefully, but I was in a hurry as I was getting an early flight to the US the next day. Anyway, I managed to get tickets nearby.

Allocating the limited (relative to demand) number of seats for Swindon away was always going to be tricky. It wasn't practical for me to apply and in any case I didn't feel I should as my away record has been poor this year.

Erith's Paul May has been a regular away traveller and has a ticket for Swindon. Through his usual adept deployment of modern technology (he always seems faster when he has had a few) he will be reporting on the game for this blog.

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