Saturday, 22 May 2010


Interesting to compare some of the commiserations I have had this week on the play-off defeat. Some friends who are football fans have decided not to intrude on private grief. Of course, one must not get this out of proportion: one friend was taking his father's ashes to Ireland yesterday after he had died from a long illness.

From a Leeds supporter, I got sneering triumphalism. No surprise there. The local Villa fan displayed studied concern.

Best of all I liked the response from an Oxford United supporter (he actually lives there). He was very sympathetic, saying 'In Oxford we call Swindon Scumdon.' I am well disposed to Oxford as our sponsors, Kingdom Signs, put a special vinyl on one of the coaches going to Wembley. They also do work in the ground, sometimes on a barter basis.

I used to enjoy going to the old Manor Ground, some of whose seats grace the Brakes stadium at Harbury Lane. Once after a match, I heard someone say to his son in a very Oxford accent, 'Tristam, will you please refrain from that behaviour now.'

Only in Headington.

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