Thursday, 13 May 2010

Fans flock to County Ground

Swindon have confirmed their standing as the biggest club in Wiltshire by selling 13,000 tickets to home fans for Friday's match against Charlton. Rocking Robin fans have also demonstrated their enthusiasm by buying tickets for the away leg with only 600 left.

Drinking During The Game has attempted to calculate Charlton's revenues from the home game. He puts them at £750,000 but I think this is too high. First, not all fans pay £25 which is the basis of his calculation. I pay £17 and the many juniors pay even less. Second, will the away end be sold out? Third, he takes no account of matchday expenses. Top rate blog, though.

The real pay day will be at Wembley.


Anonymous said...

...and all play-off revenue is pooled, so shared out equally.


Wyn Grant said...

D'oh! I should have realised that. So a nice pay day for the wonders of Wiltshire.

Anonymous said...

Also it's on Sky right? So you get some money from that.

Wyn Grant said...

Yes, but not a lot at this level.