Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Does he ride the Rickshaw?

I note tbat the new sports minister is the Conservative MP for Faversham and Mid-Kent, Hugh Roberston. He was the shadow spokesman.

This is very much Rickshaw territory but I haven't been able to find any comments by him on Charlton. From the cut of his jib it looks as if he might be an egg chaser.

Whether there would be a meeting of minds between him and Rick Everitt is another question as the Rickster was the Labour candidate for Old Bexley and Sidcup in the general election.

Any comments from a constituent would be of interest.


Anonymous said...

Chelsea Twat.

Wyn Grant said...

Says it all really. 'Blue is the colour, football is the game, rip off all the punters, what a bleeding shame.'

Anonymous said...

An anonymous MP, who makes anodyne comments. Can't remember a thing he has done for the area. That might be an over exaggeration on my part but he really is Mr Who not Mr Hugh.

Miss Kish

Ac said...

Saw him interviewed on the world cup bribe story. He just seemed like a Tory boy who'd had a good afternoon's shooting ruined by some ' silly' labour peer. Quite agree With you wyn. Looks like an egg chaser.