Sunday 31 August 2014

The one that got away

Charlton target Andy Delort has opted for the delights of Wigan pier. Charlton supremo Big Bob is disappointed that he failed to secure his signature as he was an 'interesting' player: Delort

It's always disappointing to lose out on a player to Championship rivals, particularly after such a long drawn out saga. However, I wouldn't blame Roland for refusing to pay over the odds.

Big Bob has not ruled out further signings before the transfer window closes, but emphasises that they would have to be good quality. I would have thought that any pod that was going to leave the mother ship that would have done so by now.

The signing of Bulot may allow Cousins to move into the centre where he is more effective and does not cramp Wiggins' style.


Brian G said...

I haven't heard the fat lady sing yet but it does seem that it's all over now. Oh well, more money for us to spend in January when it will really count.

Malcolm said...

Not sure it is all over yet, Delort may have been paraded at h/t at Wigan, but his club issued a statement after saying a fee has'nt been agreed as yet, could be interesting over these next 2 days.

Brian G said...

I think that the fat lady has finished singing now.