Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Charlton bring in international goalkeeper

Charlton are bringing in the keeper for the Bermuda international side on a two week trial: Bermuda

He could potentially be there to back up to Rob Elliot if Darren Randolph goes elsewhere.

Suprisingly, no comment is yet available from our man on the beach [you mean on the spot - ed] the Chicago Addick living in Bermuda.

Meanwhile, a well-known Addickted American sports commentator has remarked, 'I wouldn't get too excited about a keeper from Quinnipiac, a middling university in central Connecticut that has attempted to make big strides in its athletic programs. I've seen Quinnipiac play, although not this season, and don't recall any standouts.'


sillav nitram said...

can we really call someone playing for bermuda " international ' ?

ChicagoAddick said...
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ChicagoAddick said...

Well I suppose if Bermuda is a country then er yes. Bermuda is ranked just a couple of places below India in the FIFA rankings and that was a country last time I looked.

Wyn, sorry for the tardiness. My view here: