Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Norwich game rearranged early doors

I was amused to see a senior policewoman with West Midlands Police announcing on the regional news last night that anyone causing trouble in Birmingham's 'entertainment' district over the new year would be arrested 'early doors'. Ronglish conquers all! You can take lessons in Ronglish here: Big Ron

Postponed games are often replayed a couple of months later, but the Walsall v. Norwich game has been re-scheduled for January 12th. Sources close to the league explained, 'The media narrative, and indeed that of the fans of champions designate Leeds, is that Norwich will occupy the other automatic promotion spot. Let's face it, that Delia has a touch of class even if she does like the occasional glass of sherry. We don't want unfashionable clubs like Charlton or Colchester in the automatic promotion spot. So Norwich need to get the points on the board.'

The spokesman said that awarding a 3-0 victory to Norwich had been considered, but fans were thought not to be ready for such an innovation yet.

If Norwich beat Walsall and we draw with them, that could be important at the end of the season.


Unknown said...

You are insane, as a Norwich fan we clearly wanted to play the game at the original time. What value is it to us to play at a later date rather than an earlier date? Don't forget Walsall are not far off the playoffs too.

That said I have always felt Norwich would finish in 2nd, I hope we do now more than ever if this is the attitude of the "model team" Charlton

Wyn Grant said...

Obviously it's annoying for the match to be called off shortly beforehand when fans are en route on a long journey. The same thing could well happen on Saturday. There are lots of teams not that far off the playoffs. Colchester could come 2nd. As for a 'model team', the Charlton team is a patchwork quilt of youngsters and ageing journeymen.