Saturday, 26 December 2009

Stat attack

Charlton had 49 per cent of the possession in today's match against Swindon despite playing with nine men for much of the match. Goal attempts were pretty even at 14 to 16, but more of Swindon's were on target (12 to 8). Swindon had only one more corner than Charlton and there was only one offside decision in the game (against Swindon late on).

The most striking stat is that the Robins had 13 fouls to five for the Addicks. The referee seemed very reluctant to clamp down on niggling fouls committed by the visitors. However, it is evident that the sending offs were justified.

I must admit that I was preparing a paragraph saying that our forecast of 2-1 to Swindon had been correct until I got the last set of notes.

Phil Parkinson said afterwards: 'I'm disappointed in both our players. Sodje's was a rash challenge and he's an experienced player. Deon was unlucky but if you run over to the referee in that manner you've got yourself in a position to get booked. For the second one, I thought the ref could have pulled him over and used his intelligence to manage the game.'

'We're really pleased we've got a point but the discipline has been good in the squad throughout the season and we've got to make sure we keep our cool. Let me, Tim Breacker and Mark Kinsella be the ones going mad on the touchline as the squad need to keep cool heads. That was the disappointing side of it and we have to nip that in the bud'. Wise words.


Boney Boy said...

It was an excellent and committed performance from out nine men, particularly as we only had one recognised central defender for much of the match (though I have wonder about the quality of Swindon).

When Swindon went 2-1 up it looked inevitable that thay would go on to score more, so a word of praise for the manager for switching players, tactics and attacking for that alst 15 minutes

BTW: Burton's second booking was for punching the ball into the net

Anonymous said...

Both Burton and Sam Sodje let their team mates down today.
If Burton had only put away that sitter witin the first ten minutes, maybe the rest wouldn't of happened. But he did the same last Sat vs. the Spanners when were 3/2 up.
Both his bookings were pathetic, sometimes our discipline is awful.
I give the benefit of doubt to the crowd who clapped Burton off. They probably didn't realise he deliberately handled the ball for his second caution. What a twat.
But what a fantastic finish.

Wyn Grant said...

It's interesting, one is hearing two views on the sending offs yesterday, although I tend to agree with the last post. Burton did punch the ball into the net, but equally he could be booked for fouling the keeper who then (in the words of Sky) 'cuddled' him. It was arguably a little harsh, but he should have been more careful when he was on a yellow. However, I would also agree that the emphasis should be on the fighting spirit we showed in the final phase of the match with bodes well. Parky also made courageous substitutions for which he would be blamed if it hadn't worked out.

Anonymous said...

Has any side which has ever committed as few as five fouls in a game had two players sent off?

Miller's inconsistency throughout the game was very noticeable - the FA really should look at his behaviour very closely. His treatment of the two footed challenge on Wagstaff should be examined in detail.

Anonymous said...

We never lose when Sam Sodje is sent off!