Thursday, 24 December 2009

No Christmas spirit at Harbury Lane

The emergency general meeting at Leamington has not cleared the air, not surprising given the amount of heat and vitriol generated and the row continues in the local press: Row

I supported the board in the vote, even though that meant voting against David Hucker whom I have known for some time. I do think, however, that the board did not handle the communications aspects of the sacking, particularly with fans, as well as they might have done, although no doubt they would claim that events did not turn out as planned, leading to the 'car park sacking' which was not the way they wanted to do things.

What is sad is that people like Adrian Barton, who have put a great deal into the club, no longer feel welcome at the New Windmill Ground. Things did happen which if it had been a business would have been dealt with through a disciplinary process, but those levers are not available in the same way in a voluntary organisation. What is evident to me (but perhaps not the board) is that the club has suffered some reputational damage. Hopefully, people will accept that a decision has now been taken and the public bickering will cease.

On to the football. The Rugby Town fixture on Boxing Day at Harbury Lane looks as if it may be on. Some years ago when Rugby had a 'firm' attached to them, a number of Leamington fans ended up in hospital. However, the intensity of the rivalry has died away and hopefully there will be a good game but no trouble.

My oldest granddaughter went to the egg chasing at Reading with a friend recently. I am not sure that I approve of this, although I think she was just curious. What appalled her was the complete absence of segregation and she did not understand how this could work. Certainly it is necessary in hockey when the rivalries can be quite intense (Blaze supporters had their coach tyres deflated on one trip).

Unfortunately, at this level of non-league there is no segregation. I do find it quite difficult sitting in the same stand with dimwits from Didcot or Truro, although in the community club spirit I don't respond to anything.

There is something a bit odd about some of the fans who go away in the non-league. I seem to recall reading in one of Addick Charlie Connelly's books (the one on London clubs?) about the two-man 'Wembley firm'. I have quite a few of his books and I must check out what he is doing these days (he was at university with one of my children).

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