Saturday, 12 December 2009

Three points for Charlton after injury time scare

As expected, Semedo replaced Racon (supposedly the target of Premiership clubs) in midfield while Omozusi stands in for the injured Richardson, reports Paul May from Edgeley Park enjoying some winter sunshine. The number of bloggers that have forecast a 2-0 win or better for the Addicks makes me nervous.

Christian Dailly dealt with an early Hatters attack at the expense of a corner which was cleared to the halfway line. There was a quiet start to the match with neither side imposing themselves. Mooney had the first effort on target after eight minutes. The ball out from Williams was poor, but Mooney's effort was collected by the keeper.

Basey needed some attention after a collision. Burton tried to connect with a ball from Mooney and the Addicks won a corner. Basey's corner was headed in by Sam Sodje past the Welshman in goal at the Cheadle End.

Good work by Wagstaff won Charlton a corner. Bailey's corner was cleared while Mooney was seen holding his head. Wagstaff fed Sam and Stockport had to clear over the bar to give the Addicks another corner. Burton got some contact, but the Hatters were able to clear, Semedo dealing with the potential threat.

Sam turned provider for Semedo but Williams was able to save his header. Dailly had to deal with a ball from Griffin at the expense of a corner which went over the bar and out of play. Wagstaff fed Burton who was just outside the six yard box but his angled ball agonisingly went inches wide.

A Stockport ball came in, but Bignall was not able to make contact and Charlton put it out for a corner which produced nothing for the home side. A ball from Bailey found Mooney and Burton made contact but Williams was able to save. Mooney and Burton tried to combine, but the offside appeals of the defenders were successful.

Bailey was not well placed to control the ball and his effort went way over. Stockport tried to mount an attack, but Bailey blocked the ball. The Hatters won a corner off Omozusi, but they were unable to do anything with it.

Sodje headed over the bar for yet another Stockport corner, an effort by Baker was blocked only as far as Griffin and his volley hit the woodwork. It certainly enlivened the home fans for the first time in the match.

Three minutes were added on. A lofted ball forward split the Stockport defence, but Mooney's effort deflected off a home player. An effort by Basey went over. Mooney split the defence but Griffin turned the ball away for a corner as it headed towards the goal. The Hatters defended and cleared the ball off the line.

Half time: Hatters 0, Addicks 1

Stockport got a dubious free kick after Poole ran into Bailey, but Sodje cleared. Bailey had to clear at the expense of a corner in front of the home fans. Elliot punched the ball away. There were home appeals for a handball, but all they got was a corner which Elliot collected. Mooney had a chance to break, but waited for support.

The home fans were showing signs of frustration again. Basey challenged Poole who dived and the left back picked up an unjustified yellow card. Stockport maintained some pressure after the free kick, but the defence stood firm.

Dailly dealt with a potential threat. A long ball forward found Mooney in space, but a defender was able to turn the ball out for a Charlton corner in front of the Addickted at the Railway End. Bailey put in a grass cutter from 25 yards but it was wide.

Bignall and Poole were taken off on and Oli Johnson, who had been out injured, and Danny Pilkington came on for the home side. Burton was taken off and replaced by his former Sheffield Wednesday colleague Akpo Sodje.

Bailey went down after blocking a Stockport effort with his body. Charlton broke, it was a great move, Mooney squared the ball to Sam, his shot was saved, the rebound came to Wagstaff, but he shot over, missing a golden chance to score the second goal.

Basey defended well as Pilkington threatened to shoot. As Stockport attacked again, they won a corner. The low ball to the near post was cleared by Dailly. Semedo managed to get the ball round the referee and Wagstaff was able to make up for his earlier miss by scoring with a right footed shot with 15 minutes left.

Basey dealt well with a threat by Johnson who received a yellow card. While Raynes received treatment, Parky gave some instructions from his sand patch. There was quite a long delay.

Mooney won a free kick in a promising position. Bailey's curling effort came back to Semedo, Sam tried to shoot, but his effort was blocked. Dailly shepherded a ball out efficiently without conceding a corner as Thompson advanced.

The crowd was announced as 4,277 and they were thanked for their 'fantastic, loyal support'. Long suffering certainly.

Four minutes of time were added on. Johnson got round Sam Sodje, but Basey pulled him out to the right to stop him getting a shot in. A ball came in from the left, Elliot seemed to have collected it but bounced it off the woodwork and over the line to make it 1-2.

Charlton tried to make a substitution, replacing Sam by Spring, and tempers flared on the pitch, Bailey seemed to be involved, and a bout of handbags broke out. Spring ran across to try and get involved. The referee's assistants came on. The only resultant booking was a yellow card for Turnbull. [Wyn Grant adds: Word here is that Baker was sent off for clouting Bailey].

Elliot collected a free kick from Stockport with six extra minutes played. The whistle was blown and Charlton collected the three points.

Leeds were held to a draw at Brentford and Norwich drew 3-3 at Yeovil giving the Addicks a six point lead over them and Colchester.

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