Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cheapest price per goal in the Championship

Charlton fans pay the cheapest price per goal in the Championship at £4.68 according to the just released BBC price of football study: Cheap at the price

The cheapest matchday ticket is 47 per cent below the league average and the most expensive 1 per cent above. The cheapest season ticket is 47 per cent below the league average, only Reading having a better offer. The most expensive is six per cent above the league average.

Catering and shirt prices appear to be broadly in line with the league average.

Roland has issued a comment on the report which makes Charlton 'the most affordable club in London': Cheap at the price

However, some fans are less impressed by the 'never mind the quality, feel the width' argument. They would prefer to pay a few pounds more and see us in the promotion race rather than hovering between mid-table mediocrity and the relegation struggle. They have a point, but a few quid per fan would not make much difference, unless Roland was prepared to at least match it.

Braintree Town offer the cheapest pie at £1 but are clearly peeved that we offer a cheaper season ticket to watch a higher level of football: Top of the league for cheap pies

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