Saturday, 31 October 2015

Into the Fraeying pan

Last week Rick Everitt was treating his gnomes and elves to a round of drinks in the Rose of Denmark for their valiant efforts in selling Voice of the Valley. Then the news came through that Guy Luzon had been sacked and the Rickster was about to celebrate with more drinks. But a surly goblin pointed out that Luzon may have gone, but his replacement might be even worse.

No surprise, then, when Charlton went down 3-0 at Boro today, their third loss in a row by that margin. In the first half, David Nugent's low strike was kept out by Addicks keeper Stephen Henderson as Boro continued to attack. Henderson's acrobatic 27th-minute save then denied on-loan Watford midfielder Diego Fabbrini.

Charlton managed to hold out for 52 minutes, but eventually the pressure by the superior side told, which Charlton offered no attacking threat. Substitute Reza did draw a save from the keeper.

Once again the stats tell a sad tale: possession 74-26 for Boro; they had ten shots on target to our one; and fifteen corners to our two.

The only slight consolation is that Charlton didn't initially fall further down the table, but the goalless draw between Preston and Bolton in the evening kick off put paid to that, pushing the Addicks down to 23rd. However, it is very tight at the bottom, so Tuesday's game with MK Dons is crucial. Taking a longer perspective,a revival could occur under the right leadership.

Fraeye, nevertheless, insists that he does not want to return to the comfort zone of the Belgian third division. He wants the Charlton job on a permanent, long-term basis: A hungry man



I think we will just about survive. just

Jonathan Acworth said...

FUCKING USELESS AGHHH thank god I didn't make that trip was seriously planning to as boro seems a nice ground to visit but bloddy long journey fans up that part of the world are a bit naughty!!! I remember trav to gatehead and getting police escort all the way to Newcastle bricks the works being chucked at the coaches did any Charlton fans get any of this yesterday?anyway back to the current situation we might as well be called 0-3 Charlton what a load of shite some of our overpaid wankers are im talking about Henderson,solly,fox,ba and cousens can all personally go do fucking one in jan I want them all out of our club as none of these assholes give a shit seriously why should they continue getting 8 - 12 k a week playing like clueless fucking idiots? its time now for performance related pay any player that gets a 5 will not be paid simple as u watch how many of these lazy cxxts like fox and solly will fuck off??? SOLLY AND FOX TIME TO GO TIMES UP