Thursday, 1 October 2015

Forward to Fulham

It's hard to see the Addickted flocking to The Valley for the game against Fulham on Sunday. There is the recent run of form to consider, plus the fact that we tend not to do well on television or against Fulham. I well remember a crucial decision by a lino that contributed to our relegation from the Premiership.

There's a 12 o'clock kick off with no trains running, thanks to South-Eastern. From what I hear from friends who use this company on a daily basis to travel to work, they have my sympathy.

The club has urged fans to make use of Valley Express, but the network is much reduced from the days when it was launched as the Rickshaw.

I have made alternative plans for the weekend which means that I am unlikely even to learn the result.

Some fans have been calling for the return of Callum Harriott on loan on the grounds that he has been doing well in League One. There is quite a difference in quality between the two divisions. The average Championship wage is £6,000 a week and that in League One around £1,600. Of course, this reflects factors other than player quality, but that is part of the story.

In any case one can't just call back a player from loan. That is often possible with keepers for obvious reasons, but otherwise an agreement has been reached with the other club specifying the length of the loan and other terms.

Harriott is a frustrating player because he is clearly not without ability, but also appears to have something of an attitude problem. He has been unsettled at The Valley. One could blame fans for getting on his back, but they have had something to complain about.

Bad runs can, of course, come to an end when one least expects them. Let's hope that's the case on Sunday for those fans who do turn up.


Jonathan Acworth said...

pope clearly is playing like a pope at the moment he must do the cross sign every time the ball comes his way nightmare of a keeper please drop him by way big anouncement tuesday so im told luzon sacked me thinks

Jonathan Acworth said...

CHED evans lawyers have new evidence that may get his carear kickstarted here in the uk if they have this new evidence and he gets cleared i wouldnt mind him playing for charlton discuss?