Friday 9 October 2015

Skipper's answers

Johnnie Jackson answers ten questions and shows how much he identifies with the club. This is not phoney badge kissing, this is a real servant of the club who identifies with the fans: Johnnie Jackson

He insists that Charlton can still scrape a play off place: Skipper's optimism


Unknown said...

I had the pleasure meeting johnny j and having a chat with him on the football league show I still think even now that his experience would be vital on the touchline im making a prediction here what if Luzon quits over this season how about giving the job to jj?

Unknown said...

Kinsella junior scored today make Walsall top of league one sign him up roland we let peacock junior slip through the net don't make the same mistake twice hes young raw and knows now how score the perfect goal just what we need also the striker at Mansfield who scored a cracker today 2nd week running as well