Thursday, 15 October 2015

Luzon hopeful of a point

Charlton coach Guy Luzon is hopeful of at least a point away at Reading on Saturday, but says that the players have to have a winning attitude (perhaps implying that this has been missing). He also continues to be beset by injury worries which have put the 'Premiership dream' on hold: Royals challenge


Jonathan Acworth said...

or if he loses he be a loseon

Jonathan Acworth said...

Question 1 Are Charlton where you expected them 10 games into the season?

My Reply)Yes ,i think with injuries to the squad and such a small squad at that i think we have done ok but we normally struggle for points anyway in oct and november and pick up form after the new year.

Guy Luzon is 10 months in the job how do u think hes measuring up?

answer) Hes doing ok but relies to much on his favourites ie pope and solly who should be dropped for their displays this year my gut feeling if he loses the next 2 or 3 games he be out before christmas ideal man to take over would be nigel pearson

Question 3 who has been the pick of the summer signings?

I rate kashi very highly and Diarra also very good but we do need at least 5 new players come the jan transfer window.....

Question 4

Who has been the most disapointing signing of the summer?

For me has to be Bergdich he is worse than fox and i thourght fox was bad enough!

Best performer in the opening 2 months of the campaign?

Gudmundsson has to be the best performer hense why spurs are willing pay 8m for him over the jan transfer market just hope we get pritchard on loan would be perfect replacement

Question 6 How do u feel about the prospects of the club?

answer) I am quite excited with the talented youngsters comming through players like Lookman who hasnt stopped scoring and barnes and mitov we have some bright prospects to push in for the first team,but i would like to see rd splash out on wilson palcinos we need a tough winger and he has bags of experience with spurs and stoke to fill that role..

Question 7 Where do u think Charlton will finish come May?

answer) Realistic mid table but if rd brings a couple decent signings in like palcinos,nolan,and pennant then we might be pushing for a top 10 finish

so over to u everyone ive listed the questions all u have to do is put your answers below like above

thanks jonathan acworth

taken from the south london press today