Tuesday 27 October 2015

Hasselbaink for The Valley?

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has been named as a possible long-term coach at The Valley. He did not impress as a player at Charlton in the latter stages of his career, but has been very successful at Burton Albion as a manager: Hasselbaink. He is not, of course, Belgian.

Interim coach Karel Fraeye has been told he needs to get results and quickly if he is not to find himself heading for St.Pancras. He faces a tough test at Middlesbrough on Saturday and has ducked out of holding a press conference.

Former Addicks favourite Paul Mortimer says he is shocked by the appointment of Fraye: Morts


Unknown said...

Wyn ..There is no such thing as a long term coach at Charlton. The likes of Messrs Seed and Curbishley belong to a bygone era !

Unknown said...

I was at the game when we played middlesborough at home in the prem i rem when his name was read out he was booed throughout the stadium and guess what he ended up scoring one of the best goals of his carear!.
I rate him as a manager but not as a player when he played for us he was lazy uninterested and didnt give a shit he was at the time so fat he could have had a elastic band in the center circle to fire him over the north stand he was that bad £30,000 a week dowie signed him for.Anyway thats the past we forgive him if he jumps Burton who are a club run sensibilly like we where back in the times of the prem they have a lot going for them and very good players if we can nick a couple of that first team in jan if he gets the job i will be very happy!

boitom said...

when will they learn.they are driving the fans away .someone British someone with experience or the club will pay a heavy price

Unknown said...

Interesting sky docu posted on Charlton life he says he likes play total football and none of this hoof ball crap we have seen for the past 10 years mr murry your task go get him what ever it takes pay the fans back for this crap season jimmy will get them so fired up it will benefit Charlton in the long run they have 4 superb players hopefully he get as well and also david oldfield his assistant will join as well do something right for a change board get in jimmy now