Friday, 9 October 2015

Sign up to our long-term plan, says Katrien

Charlton fans need to sign up to the club's long-term plan, according to chief executive Katrien Meire. It evidently won't bring immediate success in terms of promotion of the Premiership, but 'organic' growth should bring success in the longer run: Long-term plan

The difficulty is that football fans are impatient people and tend to have a very short-term focus. They often pay more attention to the form table than the real table.

Someone once said that the worst thing about supporting Charlton is the other Charlton fans and the negativity and pessimism does seem to get overdone. I saw one fan recently confidently predicting that we would finish bottom. There are some clubs that are worse than us.

Katrien has built up some credibility with fans, although the real decisions are made in Belgium. Some incautious remarks in her recent interview in French used up some of that capital. The fans are often preoccupied with the club's past because it gives them the sustenance to carry on with what is often a rather unrewarding journey. In that spirit, I will be looking at some of our more enjoyable matches in the Premier League days during the international break.

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