Tuesday 20 October 2015

Down the Football League We Go

This is Lydia Burton reporting from The Valley on a brisk, dry night. Wyn Grant is in Switzerland trying to earn a crust. Good luck with that, given the exchange rate.

Preston opened the score with a free kick from a central position after two minutes. Ba could have dealt with things better in the build up. Nick Pope in the goal was caught out by Gallagher. It was the worst possible start. Needless to say, the Addickted were very subdued.

A Preston player dived. OMG, the free kick was again in a dangerous place. Still no one on the post, wtf Two deflections, panic stations and then Diarra got it away.

There was no rhythm and shape to Charlton, Preston were chasing every single ball.

Tony Watt was trying to do something, but without success. Good work by Holmes-Dennis lifted the crowd a little.

Ba gave the ball away when all he needed to do was to give a simple ball to Cousins.

Preston won a corner on 18 minutes. Pope jumped and claimed it.

Charlton were giving the ball away too easily to a yellow shirt. All the confidence has gone. The Addickted started a chant of ‘Red Army’, but it faded away.

Preston got a free header which fortunately went just wide.

Pope took the ball over for a Preston corner. Tony Watt got the ball away and got a Charlton throw.

Gallagher got a yellow card for a foul on Cousins. On 26 minutes Watt drew ironic applause for the first Charlton shot into the arms of the keeper.

Watt ran at the defence, Solly was on his outside, but Watt chose to take on one more man which spoilt the promising move.

Charlton were starting to cause a few problems, but the final quality wasn’t there. Watt needed a bit more support.

A ball from Charlton flashed across the six yard area, but there was no one there to connect.

Preston won a corner. Ba headed the ball clear, but it went out for another corner after a shot from 25 yards. Pope punched it clear. Gallagher fired it in with a screamer to make it 2-0 to the visitors. The boos rang out. Fans streamed out for some consolation.

The Addicks had no reply to Preston. Charlton won a corner, Ba went down, but the keeper cleared the ball.

Pope had to put the ball over the bar to deny Gallagher his hat trick. Why was he getting so much time and space? Bauer would have stopped that. Preston hit the crossbar from the corner.

Excuse my French, mes amis, but that was merde.

HT 0-2

Bergdich came off, having been played out of position and McAleny came on

Fox and Brown squared up after Brown grabbed him round the throat and Cousins came steaming in. Both players got booked.

Preston were being careful to keep plenty of men behind the ball and safeguard their leave. They were also trying to wind up the Charlton players.

McAleny was cynically fouled and Cunningham got a yellow. The pace was still far too slow. Charlton’s passing needed to be sharper and quicker.

Big Mak came on for Ahearne-Grant and Ba went off to boos while Johnnie Jackson got a cheer and his chant.

It was all to no avail as Preston went 3-0 ahead on 62 minutes through Johnson as he evaded Holmes-Dennis. The shot went into the top fright hand corner. Sugar!

It had become a training game for the visitors. Johnson had a shooting opportunity, but it went just behind.

After that, I pretty much lost interest in the game. Any significant shots were coming from Preston. Overall in the game it was 8 to 18, but on target one to five. Says it all really.

We are now in the relegation positions. Grim reality stares us in the face.

Wyn certainly made the right call by going to Switzerland. He'll be back for Saturday's Relegation League match against Brentford.


Unknown said...

Sorry your leaving card on luzons desk first thing tomorrow morning me thinks the bloke is clueless we have no idea complete shambles on and off the pitch no strikers and no tackling we need get rid of pope,solly,fox,the foreign left back and watt all biggist pile of shite yet get them off our wage bill and fast

Unknown said...

pope one dodgy keeper simple if hes worth 1m that makes me worth 5m

Unknown said...

would u believe that some of these twats are on 12 k a week I wish I was earning that....................and get a 2 out of 10 re pay the fans back u clueless wonders

Unknown said...

and forgot 26 minutes to have the first shot on goal der ....................

Unknown said...

Ive had time to think and look at the squad words fail me right now that certain players get game time playing so bad each week im going start naming names here i for one like see solly offloaded on a free he is curently not match fit and his knee i think is still causing him problems we must drop him and play Barnes in this area as i feel Barnes is the best right back at the club.
Fox very poor season hes having causing all sorts of problems when he fucks up he does it on a regular basis now and never dropped i personally would play him in the u 18s until a bid comes in for him not fit to where the charlton shirt awful player and time to get rid.
the morrocan also not fit to where the shirt ive heard fans have given his performance last night a 1 out of 10 that is insulting a 1 out of 10 the bloke is not interested and should like fox be dumped asap.I start fining his wages if he doesnt step up a gear between 9k and 12 a week this bloke is on defo not worth paying that for him i would like see him donate one weeks salary to the upbeats for his shamefull display last night.
Pope jesus christ what a dodgy keeper mitov should start on saturday with hendo as back up mitov i think is the best goalie at the club.
The everton loanee no thanks send him packing back up the motorway ......
This is who i blame for last nights display so my team for sat should be

3.Holmes Dennis
4.Recall Lennon
6.gudmondson if fit
7.moussa if fit
8.recall harriott

play a team full of youngsters would show more passion than the first teamers showed all night......