Monday, 19 October 2015

Cheesed off?

Basel, CH: Perhaps it's just as well I can't get to The Valley tomorrow night, given the pall of gloom hanging over Charlton supporters. Three points tomorrow night might lift it a little. Simon Makienok has tweeted that he will be in the squad, but some see him as just a poor man's Leaburn.

Stephen Henderson played for the under 21s in their win today so he must be close to a return. That could make a real difference.

I don't think Luzon's tactics at Reading were wrong. This was never a match we were going to win and playing for a point made sense. It all went wrong when Bauer got sent off.

The account given of the match in the Football League Paper was more positive than that given by supporters both in general terms and individual player ratings.

That is not to say that there is nothing wrong, but Preston are also afflicted by a lack of confidence in front of goal according to their manager. We share the two bottom places in the form table with them. I still think that with some strengthening in January and players returning from injury we can secure a lower mid-table position.

Of course, that is not good enough for some supporters and it is evident that many long-term supporters are giving up. But then people complained when we were 12th, 13th or 14th in the Premier League.

Meanwhile, the dust is settling here in Switzerland after Sunday's general election and the manoeuvring for seats on the governing Federal Council is under way. My colleagues at the English service of Swiss public radio are not at all interested in the six pointer at The Valley and have reminded me that I may be needed for other things tomorrow.


Jonathan Acworth said...

so whats the solution then? a new takeover? i personally think rd will sell the club this summer their has been wispers since christmas he wants out ,his relative i here has been reading the message boards and has passed all info on to rd i expect a new owner be installed come the summer i guess someone from dubai my god we need it

Wyn Grant said...

Could you please explain where this new owner is going to come from, given that 4/5 Premier League clubs cannot find buyers, even with the new television deal?

Jonathan Acworth said...

Dubai lol