Sunday, 25 October 2015

Welcome back, Karel Fraeye

José Riga's assistant Karel Fraeye is to return to Charlton as manager: Karel Fraeye

His Wikipedia entry is in Flemish, which is a language I have no knowledge of, but he has been coach at lower league Belgian club VW Hamme since he left Charlton. The club is in the Belgian 3rd division. I am not sure what the standard is there, but my guess would be League 2 or the top tier of the non-league system.

The news will disappoint fans who had been hoping for an English manager with Championship experience, but that was never very likely at London's Belgian club.

I don't remember much about him from his last stint here, except that he was sometimes seen in intense conversation with Riga walking round Bexleyheath. Riga was the best of the three Belgian coaches we have had so far, so perhaps there is some hope.


Unknown said...

its time now for a fans club run like the likes of chester ,Wimbledon and many others ive had it with this owner

Wyn Grant said...

There is no way, even if the club was for sale, that fans could afford to purchase the club given the capital assets and the debts, nor could they meet the annual losses.