Sunday 23 February 2014

Assessing Roland's plans

As I am in 'catch up' mode today, having taken a holiday break for the first time in several years, I have not had time to look at the website version of Roland's meeting with the media, although I understand it may not be a full record. However, from what I have read in the Football League Paper today, the rather speculative article I wrote at short notice for Voice of the Valley may not have been totally off the mark. Roland specifically refers to the 'Erasmus model' of exchanges of students between European universities as a blueprint for the way in which he wishes to exchange players.

In the meantime, here is an interesting reflective piece on the takeover: Takeover


Geoff said...

Is it possible that every Sunday
the Brussels Eurostar has a coach
full of Addicks heading to a Belgian match? If not, how did we acquire so many experts on the Jupiler League to punch out their pejoratives in the immediate wake of the takeover?
So, it was good to read a balanced analysis in the linked article, even though the writer may not have seen us play, labelling Asterix a defender. The midfielder had a good cameo yesterday bringing some much-needed skill to the team, and sustaining the pressure on a Rangers team that was treading water. He looks likely to make it if he acquires a greater awareness of the pace at which defenders play in the Championship.
The other recent arrival, Ghooch, looks a lot less likely. It's the physical problem of bouncing off ox-like central defenders. Once he even bounced off Jenas, not the hardest of opponents.

Anonymous said...

Geoff, to be fair its not too difficult to do the maths as to the relative quality of the Juliper League. The inability of any Belgian teams to compete in Europe over the past few seasons suggests the league isn't blessed with astounding talent. Its not often that a Premier League reserve player turns the Championship alight when on loan so there is a legitimate cause for concern if Charlton are going to be supplemented by players who're not regarded to be up to the standard required of the Juliper League. That being said, every player should be judged on their merit and hopefully Asterix can allay any such worries.

ChicagoAddick said...

I think the key though is the academies. There must be 15 world class mid 20's Belgians plying their trade around Europe. They all started in the Jupiler Pro League. That is what longer term RD wants to exploit along with young talent from Spain, Hungary, UK etc. Already Standard are heavily involved in scouting in Israel and Africa.

AA was exceptional yesterday but he and Reza summed up our problems with RD's imports. AA looked a class act, but hasn't played for months and needs a pre-season.

Reza was as you say too lightweight. I heard Saturday that Powell has the same issues with Pete the Pole. Talented but as light as a feather. Dunne would have killed him.

Tudgay mind is a lot more Championship street wise. A couple more of them on loan would be nice.