Saturday 15 February 2014

Charlton in cup draw tomorrow

Tomorrow's big match on the Isles of Scilly also looks as it will fall victim to the weather

Charlton will be in the draw for the 6th round of the FA Cup tomorrow, with one time Addick Robert Lee and his son Olly doing the honours, after today's game with Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough was postponed. Referee Mark Clattenburg has explained his decision in a video, although it really needs subtitles as it is delivered in a quiet voice with a strong northern accent. He said that the decision was an easy one as the pitch was severely waterlogged and rain was continuing to fall. He was mindful of the fact that Charlton supporters were travelling up from London and thought that required an early decision. Postponing kick off by two hours was not really an option. He was as disappointed as anyone as he had been training for the game as much as any of the players.

This will mean the match will have to be played midweek when many fans will be unable to get there. I am unsure how this affect the rearranged Barnsley game, unless they try and go ahead at Hillsborough this coming Tuesday. Where is Michael Fish when you need him? The most likely outcome is that the Barnsley match will be rearranged again. If there is a replay, goodness knows what will happen.

Charlton legend Morts was on Radio 5 this morning saying he thought we would win, but they had some unknown former Owls defender saying that his club 'would show their steel'. We shall see.

I know that one Addick today got a cab from Hammersmith to St.Pancras to catch the train north so the poor guy is out of pocket and hurtling northwards, possibly on a restricted ticket. Congratulations to East Midlands train for letting Charlton fans on such tickets travel back early. Some unfortunates have even booked a weekend in Sheffield.

About one hundred Charlton fans have gone to Chesterfield v. Torquay and are supporting Torquay.

I have no alternative as today's clash between the motor industry giants, Brakes and Vauxhall Motors, was called off after the pitch at the New Windmill Ground became waterlogged despite efforts by the prize winning groundsman and volunteers. A late shock has been the postponement of a second alternative, the needle derby between Southam United and Racing Club Warwick.

Tomorrow's weekly match between the Woolpack Wanderers and the Garrison Gunners at the Garrison Stadium, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly, is in doubt as high winds continue to scour the exposed pitch. Meanwhile, chaos reigns among the sports team in the Radio Scilly studio with station manager Keri Jones having wisely decided to spend this month 'down under'.


Geoff said...

E Midlands's common sense reaction didn't just benefit those travelling direct in both directions. Occasional anoraks who use football journeys to extend their knowledge of remaining cross-country lines, (Sheffield-Retford-King's X),were generously allowed an EM direct from Leicester at no extra charge.

Mick said...

It should have been called off on Friday if the ground was water logged Saturday afternoon as predicted was dry and sunny