Friday 14 February 2014

It's a results business

That's what Charlton director Richard Murray told CAS Trust members at a meeting last night when asked Chris Powell. He also said that under Roland Charlton had the greatest financial stability it had enjoyed for years. Whilst he regretted the departure of Yann Kermorgant Bournemouth [bankrolled by a rich Russian] had made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Somewhat surprisingly, the one time Addicks supremo said that he did not know the identity of all the backers of the Jimimez/Slater regime, something that would worry me if he was a director of a company. However, in their defence, he pointed out that they had continued to write the cheques.

Read a full account of the meeting here: Murray

In other news, Fulham's manager has been replaced but not by Alan Curbishley. The fate of Curbs as technical director is not known.

On a big news night, sorry to hear of the death of football legend Tom Finney, aged 91. I will write about him and his appearances at The Valley at greater length tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

R.I.P.Sir Tom a true 'Legend'
John Walker

Michael Tucker said...

Our last owners my have saved our necks from ministration but did little to secure a stable future for the club.Along comes our savour in the form a Belgian football tycoon and pulls us out of a possible repeat of the above, and immedeatly the future looks a little brighter. He may have been a little backward in coming forward in not recognising the plight we were in, he showed this by allowing two of our best players to depart when they were the only once scoring our goals. But we are fickle at Charlton and will forget very easy if he can show as he means business.On a down side we are still in dire straights lingering at the bottom. I hope he has a magic wand that he can wave that will inspire theS team each time they are on the field of play

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a results business and Chris Powell has demonstrated he can get results given the tools to do so. 101 points was no coincidence!
Crtically roland MUST now push out the boat to support getting in 3 Starting Loans than stengthen the spine of the team to win a relegation fight.
Failure to do so will show Roland is just a (Belgian) Chocolate teapot.