Monday 10 February 2014

Farewell to the Royal Artillery Band

They have marched out of their Woolwich barracks for the last time after 250 years of occupancy. The Charlton connection is that in the 1950s they used to play before matches, not at every match as I recall and not, I think, at half time, but I am ready to stand corrected by someone with a better memory.

Roland wants to improve the pre-match and half time experience for fans, but I am not quite sure what this means, although being ahead at half time might cheer people up. We have, of course, had other musical entertainments in recent years such as opera singers and Abba tribute bands.


Dave said...

Roland really needs to concentrate on the first and second half entertainment.

Anonymous said...

And sorting that pitch out.

KPF said...

I think I can remember the Royal Artillery Band playing at The Valley a decade before the 50s. Certainly, there was a band and it's difficult to imagine any other from our area. The bandsmen would, presumably have been happy to play in return for a free view of the match. This may have started even earlier. Greetings! KPF (Maidstone)ndieafi