Monday 17 February 2014

Curbs out after all

Alan Curbishley's return to football after a six year absence has been a brief one. Earlier reports that he had retained his role as technical director at Fulham were premature and it appears that he is to be sacked after all: Curbs

There has been some discussion on the boards of whether we would want Curbs back at Charlton. I think that he stands alongside Jimmy Seed and Lennie Lawrence as managers who have made a real positive difference to the club. However, that doesn't mean I want him back, even as director of football or in the rather nebulous technical director role he had at Fulham. Supposedly he was responsible for the defence, which doesn't bode well.

According to The Times this morning Curbs was miffed because he thought that his role was independent of the coaching staff which again raises the question of what he was actually doing. Was he responsible for the floodlights?

The difficulty is that Chris Powell's faults are very much those of Curbs such as leaving substitutions too late. Not surprising, really.

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Hilltothevalley said...

I reckon he was more miffed that he did not get the gig.