Wednesday 26 February 2014

Travel problems for cup tie

It looks as if train services will not be available for Addicks wanting to go to the Sunday FA Cup tie against Sheffield United. Because of rail engineering works, the first train from London will arrive in the steel city five minutes after kick off. I checked for trains from Leamington which is nearer and was told that 'there are no outbound trains on the date that you selected'.

When I last went to Bramall Lane, I used a car park not far off the motorway which had a tram stop. The tram goes relatively close to Bramall Lane.


bladesmad said...

Alternatively you could park at Meadowhall and catch train from there.

Texas Addict. said...

A side note Wyn, I saw this post on another forum last nite, checked it out and its right, makes the game with Sheff Utd even more to play for - IF the quarter finals go as follows the winner of Sheff U v Charlton will be in next seasons Europa League.

Arsenal beat Everton
Man C beat Wigan
Sunderland beat Hull

Arsenal & Man C should qualify for the Champions League, Sunderland have already got a Europa spot via League Cup final.

Anonymous said...

Texas Addict - that is not correct.

ONLY the finalists get given the European place. If the winner is already in Europe the runner up will get the place, if the runner up is already in Europe the place will go to the team in the next place down in the Premier League.

Wyn Grant said...

Bladesmad, thanks for that suggestion, although it involves going further north, but there is more parking space. As I understand it some Blades supporters are not happy about the kick off time because of commitments on Sunday morning such as Sunday league football for their kids.

Texas Addict said...

I stand corrected, my info was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Shocking Kick off time , are we the object of a conspiracy to make ours the most low -key Cup campaign of all time.

I hope some representation is made to get it changed if only to 1.30 or 2 pm to allow trains.
I'm also hoping |Roland supports an 'operation' and we get 5700 at Bramall Lane. Here's also hoping we ensure tickets get on General Sale asap and the VIP ST allocation is reasonable

Anonymous said...

I far from happy as bought train tickets for my son and I on Monday night after checking BBC & FA site which said it was Saturday 3pm KO on family card for £36.

I'm currently planning to travel up on Saturday and return on Sunday on train over night in Sheffield which will add £120-£150 making it a very expensive weekend and very inconvenient.

Did CAFC have any say in KO?

Does anyone know when ticket info will be posted?

Wyn Grant said...

Sorry to hear about that. I would think that the kick off times were set by the FA in consultation with the television companies and that Charlton had no input.

Wyn Grant said...

Ticketing arrangements have now been announced:
I would have to travel to London to purchase a ticket which I don't think I will do.

bladesmad said...

It's not much further North and is bang next to M1 and virtually next junction after Sheffield.

I agree kick-off time is rubbish, can't see why it cant be at teatime on Saturday. Personally for me it makes no difference but accept that it will for a lot of fans, in particular Charlton who will have to get up at 5am to get to Sunny Sheffield. UTB

Unknown said...

What a stupid time to play the game feel so sorry for the charlton fans .dont come anyway cause the blades are going to wembley

Latimer Addick said...

Birmingham to Sheffield leaves at 9.30 arrives 11.17 is an option knowing you travel from the Warwick/Coventry area.

If you want me to get you a ticket let me know,

Wyn Grant said...

Thanks, Latimer Addick. It is possible that I could connect into this train from Coventry.

Wyn Grant said...

In relation to comments from Blades fans, I do think they are more of a threat than the Massives were. I also have more respect for them as a club because I think that they get less media hype than their city rivals.