Friday 14 February 2014

Congratulations to Lizzy Yarnold

Take a close look at the badge on her dad's hat as Lizzy Yarnold celebrates Olympic gold with her family

Congratulations to Lizzy Yarnold who received her Olympic accolade in Sochi today wearing a red and white bobble hat. When her father was interviewed on television he was wearing a hat with a Charlton badge. She comes from West Kingsdown and went to school in Maidstone, an area where many Addicks who have moved out from London live.

She is now resident in Sevenoaks (served by the Rickshaw) but trains at Bath University. A small 'Yarny Army' follows her exploits, but I do not know if any of them are Addicks. It is rumoured that she is Addickted, having confessed online, but I don't have confirmation of that.

If Roland is thinking of pre-match entertainment, he could do worse than have her on the pitch with a gold medal before the game, but not in area where she might disappear down a sinkhole! After all, just like the Addicks this season, she knows how to go downhill fast.

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