Thursday 6 February 2014

Turbulence at Blues

Charlton supporters who are concerned about the takeover might like to reflect on the situation at Birmingham City. Majority shareholder Carson Yeung has had to stand down from the board to enable the company to resume trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Yeung faces a verdict on charges of money laundering from criminal 'proceedings' later this month. He emphatically denies the charges. Meanwhile, attendances at St. Andrews have fallen given the uncertainty surrounding the club: Blues

In contrast, Roland is a person of undoubted probity and seems to have a clear strategy. In installing Katrine as his representative at The Valley, he provides an interesting contrast with the management style of Karen Brassy (as Private Eye calls her) at West Ham.

The one doubt is the replacement of a competent goalkeeper by one from his stable of players who seems to be less competent, but time will tell.

Happy Birthday to Jason Euell who is 37 today. He had the courtesy to acknowledge my greetings message which shows what a decent person he is.


Ketts said...

I think the replacement of Stephens with Ajdarevic - or not replacing Stephens at all, depending on which way you view it - is a bit of a doubt as well Wyn!

Anonymous said...

Isn't 'seems to have a clear strategy ' oxymoronic ?

Albury Addick

Wyn Grant said...

Quite possibly, but if I am more specific before VOTV comes out Rick Everitt could send one of his goblins round. :-) I thought Stephens was inconsistent and gave away possession too easily. Until I have seen AA it's difficult to form an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Ok, the VOTV comment is encouraging . I agree with you on Stephens btw , but a lack of experience & quality all around the team is my concern and the loss of Yann is huge - not just up front , but for all the defensive clearances/headers he won. If Cort was fit , that would be less of a worry , but to my mind Dervite and to a lesser extent Morrison are not as good in the air as we could hope

Wyn Grant said...

I didn't want Yann to go. Cort seems to have been out for a long time. Dervitte can be unreliable at times.