Monday, 9 August 2010

Francis and Martin to start

Simon Francis and Lee Martin are expected to start in tomorrow's Carling Cup clash at Shrewsbury: Preview

Apparently the Shrews have sold over 5,000 tickets in expectation of an 'upset'. Would it be that much of an upset? We can do without a humiliating exit at this stage, but stay in the competition too long and it will become a distraction from the league.


Otherwarwickaddick said...

I think that this is the Carling Cup, Wyn. The other thing is split into North/South like the old Div 3, to save club's traveling costs, I used to be told. Shrewsbury wouldn't be in our area would it?

ChicagoAddick said...

It is the Carling Cup isn't it?

I actually backed the Shrews to win Div 4 before they beat Bradford on Saturday.

Wyn Grant said...

You are both right and I haved corrected the report. Too many cups!

Anonymous said...

I'm quite happy for us to go out of the cups in the first rounds this year. Its not like we even have a big enough squad to rotate. I'd like a decent 3rd round home tie against one of the big 4 but its unlikely and we need to get through two rounds first so not really bothered.

Lets concentrate on the league and use this as match practice, plus give the youngsters a run out. Tuna, new GK and Llera to start? Might as well.

WattO said...

I am sick of the defeatist "I'm quite happy for us to go out of the cup" clich├ęd nonsense. A team should always strive for success, a long cup run would give youngsters and fringe players valuable match time. And WE'RE THREE NIL UP against the Shrews as I write this tosh!!!! Reality check: we just let a goal in.

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