Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Racon off to Greece

Washington DC: I arrived here to learn the news that Racon may be going to Greece. Paninionis have until Wednesday to seal the deal (the transfer window closes 24 hours later in Greece).

Even if there is no fee involved (I think his contract expires at the end of the season) there would be a substantial saving in wages if we assume that he is on something like 5k a week or 200k a week. It is likely to be in that ball park given when he arrived at the club. That is a lot for someone who is not a regular starter.

My view is that Racon has talent, but shows it all too rarely for whatever reason. The question that fans are asking is whether we have an adequate replacement.

0-0 at half time against the Daggers, then. Haven't got time to listen is as a pile of E mails has built up while I have been en route.

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