Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The £53m player

According to Radio 5 this morning, Darren Bent is the most expensive player in the history of British football. Admittedly the figure of £53m is a somewhat artificial calculation done by adding up all the transfer fees he has accumulated over his career. But I always like the number 53 as it reminds me of the bus I used to catch from Plumstead Common to The Valley in my early days as a supporter.

Bent is clearly feeling a bit sensitive about 'one greedy bastard' type accusations. But if most football fans are honest with themselves, they would accept a higher salary if it was offered to them. As Andy Hunt, a footballer for whom I have a high regard, once pointed out any player is going to play for a number of clubs during the course of his career.

Of course, if you are Marcus 'Deadline Day' Bent you are always on the move. He has now gone out on loan to Sheffield United as his career stutters to a close. Whatever talent he had was not helped by his high octane lifestyle.

The other Bent was certainly a joy to watch at Charlton. Unfortunately, we do not get a cut of this latest transfer fee, although Spurs do. For a few hundred thousands pounds we could get a young, mobile central defender of reasonable quality.


Dave said...

Darren Bent may have accumulated £53m in transfer fees from several moves but surely Marcus Bent must be a contender having had c 53 moves at £1m a time?

Anonymous said...

My only disappointment with Baby Bent was that he said he was going to Villa because they were a club steeped in history, well so are Sunderland. Admit it Darren the money was too good to turn down. something that Sunderland should admit to as well seeing as they allowed Villa to talk to him.