Monday, 31 January 2011

Charlton to loan Bessone

Charlton look likely to take out-of-favour Leeds defender Fredrico Bessone on a loan until the end of the season. He is a left back but can also play on the left-wing: Bessone

Fry has been found deficient at times and Jackson now has a berth in midfield from where he has a nice habit of suddenly appearing in the box. says this of Bessone:

The left-sider was hailed a major coup when Simon Grayson snapped him up on a free on a three-year-deal last summer from Swansea. However from the outset he looked woefully unfit and lacking the basic essentials of the art of defending.

Indeed it was hard to see why Swansea, an excellent footballing side were reportedly sorry to see him leave South Wales. His only meaningful contribution to Leeds was to act as an interpreter for Luciano Becchio on those roadshow things Uncle Ken arranges from time-to-time.


Anonymous said...

The Leeds fan's report is quite critical. At least he is on loan, so that we can decline to buy him, if he proves to be as the Leeds fans says. We have a top left back in Chris Powell, who can hopefully guide him and get the best out of him.

I am prepared to give Bessone a chance to prove himself. Welcome to the club.


Anonymous said...

A regular attendee Swansea fan here at work gives me a better report, although he does says he is better going forward than defending.

Ken Jennings said...

'Little things please little minds'...and all that. I'm only posting this because your word verification is 'fartlamp'.