Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wise decision?

Several media outlets are reporting that Dennis Wise is to be the next manager of Charlton while Chelsea blogs are discussing it. Presumably no decision will be announced until after the ritual sacrifice of Keith Peacock on the altar of White Hart Lane.

For a sceptical view see: Wisdom

The author of a 'A Taxi Driver Writes' column in Private Eye may also have something to say.


Anonymous said...

If wise comes in I for one shall stop attending our matches.
I don't believe in wearing odd coloured scarves in disgust empty seats speakes volumes. I don't like the sound of jimmenez or slater. If they appoint wise these wide boys can do whatever they like, because I for one will no longer attend. This isn't easy after 33 years, but enough is enough. Please god I'm wrong but I have a horrible feeling I'm not

Dave said...

Anon - I understand your frustration but this is our club, not theirs. We will be here long after they are gone. Stay and support your team. Who knows, it might turn out for the best.

Bob Miller said...

It is improbable that Richard Murray did not do full and complete due dilligence on the two new owners, nor is it likely that Peter Varney would bring forward potential owners of poor character. Michael Slater's brush with the legal tribunal in 2007, where he was deemed innocent of all allegations, says nothing other than any solicitor can find himself challenged by disgruntled losers in a "winding up exercise."
Tony Jimenez is clearly a hustler and promoter, in and out of the world of football, who has some pretty serious contacts (he did the Zabeel deal, which did not materialize, through no fault of his). He may require a short leash, but that's why Murray, Varney, Slater, Kavanaugh et al are also on the board. It will be interesting to see how things unfold, but one thing is for certain, recent goings-on have added some much needed zip and excitement to CAFC and so far so good.

Anonymous said...

The very amount of money required to buy and run a football club means that few of those who do it are going to have no skeletons.
Obviously there is a spectrum, but can you honestly think of anyone apart from Delia who is actually likeable and owns a football club?

The best way is supporter and/or municipal ownership, like on the continent, but it's too late for that now.

Assuming they are trying to make money, then they need promotion, at least to the Championship, and eventually to the premiership: they need to make sure the Ground is more than half full; and they need to be moderately successful in cup competitions to generate
extra revenue. Now, RM, with the best intentions, failed to do that in the last few years. If this lot succeed, then that would be good, surely?

Anonymous said...

What on earth is wrong with appointing Denis Wise . I couldn't care less if they appoint Ernie Wise as long as we do well on the pitch. The bloke has a good track record as a manager , he got Millwall to the Final of the FA Cup for crying out loud , isn't that almost unbelievable !!!
If he had a dust up with a taxi driver , my only regret is that I never got around to it ( although there are many times when I wanted to ) He's ex Millwall , so what , so was Benny Fenton, Eamomn Dunphy , the legendary Harry Crippswho helped get us promoted last time from Div 3
What exactly is the issue, I just don't understand where these people see a problem !!

Ken Jennings said...

I don't get this negativity either, Anon#3. What are we, Vatican United, or something?

And Bob, I agree -some much needed zip and excitement is surely welcome and now I really look forward to seeing some on the pitch!

I warmly welcome Messrs. Slater and Jimenez -and whoever is behind them and I hope the Manager they bring in has size 14 boots.

Our club has needed a good kick up the proverbial for ages and I hope these guys are the one's to do it.

I'd rather have the club run by this alleged 'Dastardly Duo' than watch it rot on the vine and disappear altogether - because that is where we were headed.

And I would have hated to see Richard Murray having to move into a caravan just to prolong the agony of the inevitable.

Wyn Grant said...

I think the new owners are going to shake things up and that is needed. They are not running to be Archbishop of Canterbury or even Bishop of Woolwich. As for Wise, if he is the manager, I hope he does the business. However, I don't regard getting to the FA cup final as such a great achievement. In continental Europe cups are regarded as minor competitions because so much depends on luck.

Terry Smith said...

We have reached the stage where we as fans have to decide whether we wish to remain the Charlton of old or move into the modern age. People who like me have supported the club over 40 years will feel uneasy about the current takeover and the prospect of Wise taking over as manager, and may decide, as I have already done, to stop going, but there is no doubt that the club needs this change if it is to lose the old Charlton "soft underbelly" reputation and compete properly in the modern game. Unfortunately clubs now have to gamble their futures in order to achieve any success, the days of prudent financial management bringing long term success are over.