Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Let's get real

The latest odds for Charlton manager are:

Johnson, G 1/2
Wise D 3/1
Scott A 5/1
Curbishley A 6/1
Coleman C 8/1
Waddock G 8/1
Ferguson D 10/1
Hasselbank J 10/1
Hughton C 12/1

Of course, these can mean anything or nothing. What I hear is that Chris Hughton is being lined up to replace an increasingly gloomy Avram Grant at West Ham who sounds as if he has had enough. It's frightening to see JFH at 10/1, but I don't take that seriously. Darren Ferguson is going back to Peterborough, I understand.

Apparently on Charlton life there is talk of Exeter manager Paul Tisdale, but that doesn't sound very ambitious to me. Gary Johnson has had a very chequered record. Curbs is not going to come back. Chris Coleman was a flop at Coventry (mind you, most people are) and has the biggest book of excuses in football.

Perhaps the difficulty of finding a suitable replacement puts Parky in a more favourable light. However, I still think the time had come to move on. I am prepared to stick with Keith Peacock while we get this right.

My Roy of the Rovers solution would be Chris Powell with Steve Brown as No.2.


Anonymous said...

I think we have been taken over by Monks.They have all taken a vow of silence

Anonymous said...

why would appointing paul tisdale show a lack of ambition?

Geoff said...

Sir CHRISTOPHER, of course, but with the wise old bird Peewee. Stevie, too, for the "get in there" element. After all, it was PP, Kins and Breacker before, and tho it was difficult to know what TB did, Brownie wd have an obvious job to do.

Wyn Grant said...

Re Paul Tisdale, where would you rate Exeter as a club compared to Charlton? I am not talking about current league position, but ability to sustain a club at Championship level. I suppose one could see Tisdale as a kind of Eddie Howe, but would he leave Exeter anyway? Does he enough experience of the kind Charlton needs?

Anonymous said...

would never happen but i would love curbs back as manager push peacock back to assistant was a winning formula before and get chrissy in as first team coach

Anonymous said...

I think he's exceeded all expectations at a selling club with no money to spend, as well as getting them playing a decent standard of football. The fact that Charlton would be a step-up for him is exactly why you'd hope he would be interested in the job. What sort of experience do we need? Pardew and Dowie had experience, Curbishley did not. I think it would show a lack of ambition to simply take a manager we know to be experienced but unspectacular.

Anonymous said...

Agree with last post; Tisdale has done brilliantly in his current circumstances, CAFC represents the chance to apply his skills with (maybe) some financial backing for acquisitions. Would be a good way of gaining the required experience.
Most managers (unlike Howe) certainly have experience but generally speaking bnoth good and bad!