Friday, 14 January 2011

Chris Powell appointed

As anticipated, Christopher George Robin Powell has been formally appointed manager of Charlton Athletic Football Club.

Here is a commentary from a well-known Addick which for me says it all very eloquently:

I've been trying not to get carried away. Chris Powell is one of the very best people I have ever known in football. Not that I know him personally but his achievements, his conduct on and off the field, and his public demeanour, are just fantastic, and he is essentially a Charlton man. He embodies everything we like to think the Charlton "brand" stands for. If you are looking for the polar opposite of Dennis Wise, Chrissie is your man.

But can he manage?

A lot of people seem to think that a manager has to be "hard", so that his team does not get turned over. It is assumed that because Parky seems to be a nice bloke, that he wasn't hard, and therefore that's why we get turned over. The argument was that Wise would instill this "hardness". I always thought this was a complete load of [deleted]. Leaving aside that being an aggressive little so-and-so is not the same as being 'hard', I do not recall Curbs the player being seen as a hard man at all. Much more Alan Devonshire than Julian Dicks, surely. The on-field persona that we see tells us nothing at all about which players go on to be successful managers. We simply don't know.

What we do know is that Chris Powell has prepared for a management career with the same meticulous dedication that he showed in his playing career, which took him all the way to international honours at a time when other players would have given it up as fantasy. That's important to me, because I believe that football management requires professionalism as much as any other management role.

Before Christmas I spoke with [name deleted] and he told me he'd stayed with Chris in a Cape Town apartment while both were working during the World Cup. X knew nothing about what was coming, but was sure Chris would make a great manager, of Charlton. When I asked him if he wasn't too "nice" a guy, he replied "I wouldn't worry about that".

Finally, the new owners. We are all worried about intransparency, and should continue to be so. But the fact is that they have consistently denied that Dennis Wise was in the frame, and there is no evidence that this was untrue. If they had read all the objections to Wise from us supporters, and wanted to say "We're listening to you" then this appointment could hardly be a better way to show that they listened.

So what more can we possibly ask? If we had been in the Prem, this would certainly be a risky low-budget sentimental appointment. We are actually in the Third Division. We are actually the size of club where someone like Chris would start his managerial career.

I am a bit scared, but mainly because I have such a high regard for Chris Powell that the thought of our boo boys getting on his back is almost more than I could bear. But on the other hand, I just cannot but be tremendously excited, and proud too.


Kim Lewis said...

This is absolutely spot on Wyn and thanks for sharing that with us.

Chrissy Powell is simply a Legend and my greatest ambition for him is that one day he will be leaving Charlton to become the first ever black manager for England


Excellent post Wyn - totally agree on all aspects, especially the boo-boys.

This is the most excited I have felt about CAFC in many years. I am delighted that the new chairman has acted so boldly and, it would seem, has listened to the fans. It is great to read such positivity from the usually glass half-full Addicks on various comment boards.

As for Kim Lewis' view - now that really would be something!

Welcome back to The Valley Mr Powell, we've missed you.

David Cooper said...

As ever, Wyn, you are the voice of sense and reason. I cannot believe the level of negativity expressed by certain other emminent bloggers.

Keith Peacock to resume his old role as Assistant Manager? Took a lot of the "admin" off of Curbs; provided "experienced" advice from the bench; but, was not regarded as a "threat" to the manager; and, therefore, might temper some of the negativity.

Future England manager? Lovely thought. But what would the Sun characturists make of a manager with a big smile on his face!

Jon said...

I would take issue with Kim, which that whilst he is undoubtedly capable of surviving the level of press hysteria surrounding England, CP deserves better than to end up in that circus. Perhaps england U21 manager?

Incidentally - and this is not a criticism - yours is the first post in this whole business that mentioned colour. Which is generally encouraging and also a measure of the man himself.

SwindonAddick said...

Totally agree with the article and the comments so far. I so want CP to suceed to prove that good guys are winners. As a lapsed ST holder who had no time for Parky I have laready booked my ticket to see CP's first game at The Valley. Chrissy Powell's Red and White army.

Ken Jennings said...

I agree with you that 'Richard' put it very well. Good call to post it here.

I can understand the 'worriers' - some people cannot help but be cautious but I do not understand the constant moaners. They must thrive on it. Otherwise, why wouldn't they go somewhere else?

I feel very positive today and it already feels like "Charlton" again.

Geoff said...

My smile is so wide it's actually beginning to hurt. If his Lordship should fail, it will not be because he did not care. But right now, it's better than when he ran out at Highfield Road for the warm-up after Sven's percipient selection.