Friday, 21 January 2011

The team of 1985-6. Where are they now?

Terry Towner: runs TJ removals in the Brighton area.
George Shipley: assistant community officer with the Barcodes.
Garry Kimble: until last May manager at Burnham Ramblers.
Mark Stuart: works at a building society.
Alan Kimble: was supremo at Aveley.
Jimmy Loveridge: motor dealer in Swansea and part-time coach at Swansea City's centre of excellence.
Paul Friar: Whereabouts unknown.
Simeon Hodson: Community support office in Warwickshire.
John Humphrey: PE teacher in Croydon.
Darren Anderson: Not known.
Nicky Johns: Funding officer for Crystal Palace community sports trust.
John Pearson: Mortgage adviser and matchday website commentator for the Owls.
Tony Lange: Revenue protection manager with Southern Railway.
Les Barry: Works in father's electrical wholesale store in S.London.
John Pender: Lives in Telford.
Mike Flanagan: Works for company that builds and fits swimming pools.
Mark Aizelwood: Football agent.
Robert Lee: Broadcasting pundit.
Carl Harris: Took over family's removals business in Neath.
Mark Reid: A driving instructor in Irvine.
Peter Shirtliff: Has held management and coaching positions in football.

Information from The Football League Paper.


Floyd said...

here you go for a few more players - if this is of interest to you.

Anonymous said...

Peter Shirtliff is assistant manager at Swindon