Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Charlton manager odds

Here are the latest odds: Odds

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink anyone? We'd end up with players who couldn't turn faster than an oil tanker. We might as well go for Jonathan Acworth.

Glen Hoddle has shortened to 6/1 in the latest booking, but I don't see that given the effort he has put into his operation in Spain.

TalkSport is bigging up Chris Hughton. That would show real ambition and is just possible because of the Newcastle connection.


Anonymous said...

What no Zola odds.
I like the idea of Wilkins and Clarke as a team. Not sure if we could afford them though.
As for Wise........................
(notice the Chelski connection)

Anonymous said...

I would certainly support Chris Hughton as the strongest possible option, and he is also local.

The OS states Keith Peacock will host quizz on 27th. Sums evertying up really.

Well done Wynn, coverage by you and others in a league of your own, just need to get the club into one too!

Crowborough Addick

Anonymous said...

Most of it is pretty ludicrous - Martin O'Neill? I doubt we'd have been able to get him in the prem, much as I'd have liked it.

Dowie ? Di Canio?

I guess you have to wonder about AC, but suspect the odds are due to hopeful punters not anything concrete. Steve Clarke ? We could do (and have done) worse.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous (post above mone),

Just want to check that you are obviously joking with the question Mark next to Dowie's name?!

I'd like hughton!

newyorkaddick said...

Wyn, I think Hughton remains unproven and much of the clamour for him is a result of sympathy at the manner of his dismissal from Newcastle.

The following players all made >30 appearances during their Championship season: Carroll, Coloccini, Guthrie, Gutierrez, Nolan, Simpson, Smith, Enrique, Harper. If you can't get that lot back into the Premiership then you've got a real problem.

Zola would be a totally crazy move - he was clearly not cut out for management.

If we can't get Poyet, then we should be willing to take on someone who has proven he can take hold of a club from the bottom up and stamp his style on it. Thus when given the greater resources at Charlton, ergo he should do even better eg. Sean O'Driscoll, Paul Tisdale, even Danny Wilson.

Hungry Ted said...

Jonathon there's a name I haven't heard for a while. Was he the opinionated North Stand fan with an appalling grip on grammar???

Wyn Grant said...

Acworth is still active, he is following me on Twitter. He always had an eye for a signing from Welling. @ NYA You make a good point about Hughton, but better unproven than a proven failure (Dowie). I don't think we will get Poyet.

Anonymous said...

It could a decision has already been taken. A quick search on Dennis Wise in Google reveals under the Wikipedia heading
"Dennis Frank Wise (born 16 December 1966 in Kensington, west London) is an English former football player and current manager of Charlton Athletic". Although the comment does not appear on the actual website itself.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on Steve Coppell,think he's out of work.

Wyn Grant said...

Coppell says he has left football, otherwise he would be a serious candidate.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can put stuff on wiki. For a while Messi's entry in wiki quoted him as being indebted to the skills of Mendonca. I think it said he (Super Clive) taught him all he knew or something along a similar vein. Eventually it is seen and edited off.

Anonymous said...

Presumably, the board is going to pick someone who matches their budget. Of course loans and connections are importnat , hence one reason why Dowie/Pardew struggled - esp after Varney left.

Wise - would at least put a bit of spirit into the team
Poyet - I doubt it, but Brighton have been impressive - the worry would be he'd get us promoted and be headhunted.
I still think Gary Johnson is an outstanding manager, but doubt he'd drop a division.
Martin O'Neill is as close to a genius as we'll see these days, we have no chance.
Always been a fan of Burley (and he turned out a few decent players, didn't he - Bent, Hreidarsson, Holland, even Ambrose.
I would like to see Steve Brown back in some capacity - he epitomises Charlton.