Monday, 24 January 2011

The rumour mill

Unconfirmed reports state that Matt Holland is returning as assistant manager and that Jason Euell will be joining the squad.

As far as Matt Holland is concerned, 'Captain Cleanpants' has carved out a career as an authoritative media pundit. He is a very nice guy, but I think that Chris Powell need is an experienced No.2 who has been out and about a bit in management. Sir Lennie Lawrence would have been an excellent candidate, but has joined the Glaziers.

Jason Euell may be a 'Premier League' ace, but my initial reaction is that he is past it and is not what we need. He is also reportedly on £7,500 a week which I have thought was not a good use of a limited budget. Unfortunately, he has been the victim of a scam that has left him bankrupt: Euell


Kap said...

Matt Holland joining as manager?? Even our new owners would not be that ruthless??

Otherwarwickaddick said...

Also heard Alex Dyer and Deano from the rumour mill.

Wyn Grant said...

Steve Brown is on a short list of four for assistant manager.

Kap said...

Phew, glad you edited that Wyn, thought you were privy to some really exciting news!!

Regarding assistant would prefer Holland form that lot.