Monday, 17 January 2011

Palace to leave Selhurst

Pravda has revealed that Crystal Palace are to announce a plan to leave Selhust Park and to move to their historic home at the Crystal Palace National Sports Stadium: Palace

The new owners have apparently decided that refurbishing Selhurst Park is a lost cause. The move would also restore the link between the name and the site of their stadium.

Unconfirmed reports state that Sir Lennie Lawrence is to leave Hereford and join Palace as assistant manager.

Charlton Athletic have refused to comment on reports of a possible return to Catford Southend.

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Anonymous said...

Say what we want about Selhurst Park, but it is much more suitable venue for football than the Crystal Palace National Sports Ground, a soul-less track & field facility.
Perhaps Palarse want a venue equal to where their historic rivals, Brighton & Hove, currently call home.