Monday, 3 January 2011

Is it all about Cash?

Speculation is increasing that elusive millionaire Kevin Cash may be in the background of the Charlton takeover and may even have partially funded the deal. I am indebted to another Addick for some research has undertaken.

TLS Vehicle rentals was to be taken over by a company called Reflex Vehicle Solutions, whose Chairman is none other than Michael Slater the new chairman of Charlton.

A search at Companies House revealed that Reflex were owned by a company called HDSL Nominees Limited which in turn was owned by the Rose Property Corporation registered in the British Virgin Islands. Further digging came up with the very appropriate name of 'Kevin Cash' who is the owner of the 'Rose Property Corporation'. Kevin Cash who is reported to be worth around £500 million.

An article in the Daily Mail said of Cash:-
His name is Kevin Cash, an elusive figure about whom little is known, but who is said to be hugely significant on the London property scene, as well as a major player in the trade of Gulf oil.

Cash is reputed to be worth about £500 million and his substantial property portfolio includes half of an exclusive row of mews houses close to the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, homes in Marbella and Miami and a £16million country estate, North Aston Hall, in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Yet he has never been included on any rich list.

He is involved with a company set up to manage property portfolios for Premiership football stars, including the controversial Chelsea defender John Terry.

‘Cash is probably one of the most powerful people in London today,’ says a source. ‘He handles money for many super-rich businessmen and has managed to
make himself more than any of them.’

Despite his enormous wealth, Cash does not appear to have any British-registered companies, but has based his business empire offshore. Rose Properties – which owns his impressive Oxfordshire estate – is registered in the Virgin Islands, where it is neither necessary to file accounts nor name directors. [Ends]

I have no evidence that Cash is actually involved in the Charlton takeover, but it is interesting to speculate that there may be links between him and Slater and possibly Jiminez as well.

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