Friday, 7 January 2011

The genuis that is Lawro

Lawro has predicted that Spurs will beat Charlton in Sunday's FA Cup game. What a genius! I wish I could get paid for stating the obvious.

Apart from passing 'go' and collecting £250k, and the chance to pay a tribute to Charlton legend Keith Peacock, this is all about damage limitation. Hints by our 'Arry earlier in the week that David Beckham might play now seem unlikely to be realised. It is also possible that 'Arry may rest key players, or at least keep them on the bench, which would help to keep the scoreline down to a respectable level: Day off

We have a defence that can't defend, particularly at set pieces; a midfield that seems incapable of linking up with either the defence or the attack; one so-called striker is suspended and another is injured. It's just possible that the bombardment of long balls will confuse Spurs, someone will bring a Charlton player down in the box and Jackson will score from the spot.

I am going for 4-1 to Spurs (Jackson for the Addicks).

BTW, this map of football support in London is interesting as a talking point: Map

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Phil said...

Looks like we attract support from the whole of Italy !
Moving further out, Google earth style, shows a distinct blob of Millwall blue on the Isle of Wight.....where and what could that be I wonder ?