Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Addicks to finish 13th say top forecasters

Last year Four Four Two magazine forecast that Charlton would finish 18th in League 1. Their reasoning was that an inexperienced manager like Chris Powell could not get an almost entirely new team to play together. Later on in the season they changed their forecast to 4th online. But the club was able to auction off a copy of the original article signed by all the team.

This year the magazine has gone for a realistic forecast of 13th. They argue that 'the work ethic this side is built on will be key' and single out Johnnie Jackson as an influential player who has delivered at this level before.

Millwall are forecast to be relegation candidates in 22nd. Ironic that the Millwall fan quoted has it in for Therry Racon. Asked which opposition player he despises in his division, he replied 'All of them.' The response of the Addickted fan was 'At Charlton we despise no one.'

Crystal Palace are forecast to survive in 20th place. However, a fault seems to have developed in the crystal ball with the prediction that Sheffield Wednesday will finish 12th, just one place ahead of the Addicks. The Massive fan quoted aspires for automatic promotion, names Miguel Llera as favourite player and claims that they have the best manager outside the Premiership.

The magazine gets more into the spirit of things by reporting that the programme for their last home game sold a massive 10,000 copies. I've heard of fans comparing attendances before, but not programme sales. What next? Burgers sold? At least they would be massive burgers.

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